Friday, June 24, 2011

A journey towards Ruby

Ruby is one of the popular language of this time and i want to make use of this post to share my experience of how i get started with that.

As a Java developer, my full concentration is towards Java based technologies. This mindset gets changed when i start using social media. I came to know that many popular applications like Twitter, BaseCamp, etc are built based on Ruby on Rails platform.
I started analyzing the reason behind that...

Nowadays lot of applications are created based on web. Deploying and hosting the application is one of the major hurdle everyone is facing. In my experience, there are lot of PHP based web applications available in the market. The main reason behind is that, lot of hosting services are supporting PHP. But what happen when we develop applications based on Java. Yes, there are few hosting services that are available to host Java based web apps but the cost is more compared to PHP based hosting services.

One more problem is the deployment. Deploying a Java based applications is not that much easy even though lot of tools are there. The main reason is, we need to set up lot of configuration parameters. Also the time taken for development is more for Java based application. Even for building a small application, we need to set up the required environment which can be set as similar to large enterprise applications. So, Java is mainly suited for large enterprise applications.

What is the alternate for that? PHP - Its more suited for the programmers who know C# Dotnet environment and they can easily picked up and move towards the environment.Also the learning curve is more for any person who want to move towards PHP since it will be easy at the startup. Even i start maintaining the website built on PHP based on my little knowledge. But what will be the alternate for Java developers like me?

Here comes Ruby. Learning Ruby is fun... :) That is what i come across. Learning curve is simple... Hiring the people and getting the people trained is more easy.. Quick development cycle... Easy deployment... what more? For quick launch of small products, Ruby platform is good...

With that in mind, i start studying the Ruby based framework.. Ruby on Rails(ROR).. i started a year before... its like entering in to the struts framework directly without knowing much knowledge in Java. Initially i didn't know about that and have fun reading the entire book, Head First Rails. Quickly did some basic programs... even i start posting blog on that - Setting up Ruby on Rails Environment in Windows and also deploy the sample application in Heroku.. a popular hosting provider for free...

Bit everything stops once i reached a particular stage. Reason is, i do not know about the interior programming language, Ruby. Now i realized and searched for some course and i found the Rubylearning and i enrolled in the course.
I missed the chance of joining it for free what they have provided it for their 25th batch. But anyway i paid it through my company and i joined. The course started and also thus my journey...

The first thing i learnt is Learning Ruby is Fun :) but mastering Ruby is difficult :(

I will post my experiences towards this journey so that the people like me who are coming from other language can get some idea on this.

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