Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jboss KB Project Validator problem in Jboss Tools with Eclipse 3.5

I just want to put this post in order to express my frustrations towards working with Jboss 3.1 tools with eclipse. We are using Eclipse 3.5 for our development work. Also we are using RichFaces for the front end development. Whenever we tried to do some changes in the JSP files, a progress bar with Jboss KB project validator gets started.
When we made change in less number of files, then the validator only runs for few seconds. If we give full build to the project, then the frustration gets started.. yes.. the system gets entirely hang and it will take around one hour to complete the process.
After analysis i found that, the problem will get fixed in the later versions of Jboss tools. I found the workaround solution from the following thread from the Jboss Community site.
We need to uncheck the Jboss KB Validator option from the menu Windows>Preferences>Validation. We can unselect only for the option box while build leaving the option for manual as it is.
By this way, we are able to do some work around to solve that problem.
Ok.. by the way we are talking about KB problem.. what is that.. its keep on coming to mind whenever that problem occurs... so.. after finding the solution.. i was little bit relaxed.. its nothinng but.. Knowledge Base. Its main purpose is to keep track of the related details about the files which includes content assist, bean configuration, etc...
So, anyway we are now having solution for this problem.

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