Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Journey towards Ruby - Nautical Mile 1

A little bit of distance i reached after i started the journey towards Ruby. I want to mainly focus on the initial startup of few things that i learnt so far.

Very happy to start my week 1 course. This is my first online class that i have attended in my lifetime. Since i don't have any experience, i do have lot of expectations. Also, i heard that there is no screen casts provided from their forum and i thought how they can handle without that.

They have posted week1 lessons. Also, i have bought the online book which the course is based upon. Initially i thought the book is not needed but anyway i have bought that E-book, The ultimate guide to programming which seems to be useful.

There are limited portions that need to be read for the week1. Also, the exercises that are posted in the forum are quite interesting. Quiz is also there. I am more interested in reading about the different people answers for the questions in their own way. Also, challenges have been posted which gives more enthusiasm while participating.
The only thing i feel bad is that, the people who have some knowledge in Ruby start applying that concept while answering the questions leads to some confusion while going in the right path. Anyway the tutors Sathish Talim and Victor Goff guide us during that time by replying to the answer in a nice manner of learning those things in detail in the coming week. This gives some more confident to the people who are little bit new to this.

First, i start struggle to set up the environment and IDE. I am able to install Ruby as i had some experience already on that but i forget the exact tools what i used for IDE. I tried with this Geany IDE. I have downloaded that from here... Download Geany. But i am not feeling comfort with this. I start using SCITE editor. I found this two blog post useful when i start google for the SCITE IDE - Post1 and Post2. The above two post give some idea on SCITE tool and its advantages.

Also i have gone through some other useful books which can give some quick reference. And i found the following book, The Ruby Pocket Reference which is a good reference book in order to see all the usage of syntax and keywords. But the above link has only limited pages and i bought this book from here. I also bought the kindle(thought to write some post related to my experience on this later :)) version of this book, which makes me to read with more eagerness.

I have made some friends through this training program. Still i want to make some more contacts. I started posting some answers for the exercises and i felt good. I thought i reached little bit of distance from where i have started. More experiences on the upcoming posts :)

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